pypy-postgresql / pypy / tool / pytest /

class AppTestTest: 
    def test_app_method(self):
        assert 42 == 41 

def app_test_app_func(): 
    assert 41 == 42 

def test_interp_func(space): 
    assert space.is_true(space.w_None) 

def test_interp_reinterpret(space):
    a = 1
    assert a == 2

class TestInterpTest: 
    def test_interp_method(self): 

def app_test_raises_in_statement():
    raises(ValueError, """
        y = x  # name error

def app_test_raises_something():

def app_test_raises_wrong1():
    raises(SyntaxError, 'int("hello")')

def app_test_raises_wrong2():
    raises(SyntaxError, int, "hello") 

def app_test_raises_doesnt():
    raises(ValueError, int, 3)

def app_test_skip():
    skip("skipped test")
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