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 ecosystem as a whole. If you would rather want me to go and "get a real job",
 you can as well stop reading here.
-There is a lot of `evidence`_ that startup creating costs are plummeting. 
+There is a lot of evidence that startup creating costs are plummeting. 
 Most commonly mentioned factors are the cloud, which brings down hosting costs,
 moore's law, which does the same, ubiquitous internet, platforms and open
 that can also extract some money from rich startups and corporations,
 which are the ones benefitting the most in my belief.
-Another issue with sites like gittip is that it might create a very
-hollywoodish system - privilaged few make a lot of money while everybody
-else is struggling with sub-par salaries. I would like to have a cap,
-even before we achieve this sort of amounts, at say 2/3 of what you can
-earn at a large company.
+I might not have the solution, however I do have a few postulates about such
+economical model:
+* It cannot be project based (like kickstarter), it's in my opinion much
+  more efficient to just tell individuals "do what you want". In other words
+  -- no strings attached.
+* It must be democratic -- I don't think a government agency or any sort
+  of intermediate panel should decide.
+* It should be possible for both corporations and individuals to donate.
+* There should be a cape, so we don't end up with hollywoodish system where
+  the privilaged few make lots of money while everyone is struggling.
+  Personally, I would like to have a cap,
+  even before we achieve this sort of amounts, at say 2/3 of what you can
+  earn at a large company.
+* It might sound silly, but it cannot be US-only (like kickstarter).
 The problem is that I don't really have any good solution -- can we make
 startups sign up 5% of their future exit for funding individuals who
 Leaving more questions than answers,
-.. _`work on numpy`: xxx
+.. _`work on numpy`:
 .. _`relatively cheap place`:
+.. _`alex points is out`:
+.. _`gittip`:
+.. _`kickstarter`:
+.. _`performance tools`:
+.. _`making json faster`: