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Byte removing fix for modeltests.serializers

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     def end_object(self, obj):
-            "model"  : smart_unicode(obj._meta),
+            "model"  : smart_unicode(obj._meta).replace("b'", "").replace("'", ""),
             "pk"     : smart_unicode(obj._get_pk_val(), strings_only=True),
             "fields" : self._current


                 "<%s> node is missing the required '%s' attribute" \
                     % (node.nodeName, attr))
-            Model = models.get_model(*model_identifier.split("."))
+            Model = models.get_model(*model_identifier.replace("b'", "").replace("'", "").split("."))
         except TypeError:
             Model = None
         if Model is None:
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