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Changing fix to issue #64 per Mr. von Lowis' instructions

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File django/core/cache/backends/

 "Base Cache class."
+import sys
 from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
         Returns True if the key is in the cache and has not expired.
+        # Overriding has_key in Python 3 is no longer supported.
+        # Please override __contains__ instead.
         return self.get(key) is not None
     def incr(self, key, delta=1):
         # This is a separate method, rather than just a copy of has_key(),
         # so that it always has the same functionality as has_key(), even
         # if a subclass overrides it.
+        if sys.version_info<(3,):
+            return getattr(self, 'has_key')(key)
         return self.get(key) is not None
     def set_many(self, data, timeout=None):