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Issue #13 resolved
g8tam created an issue

Displays a KeyError. Research must be done to find out why/fix this issue.

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  1. g8tam reporter

    Figured out how to solve the test case.

    Currently the django team gives us "inner_formset = response.context[-1]['inline_admin_formsets'][0].formset" and removing the [-1] makes Django find the 'inline_admin_formsets'. However this goes against our goal of not touching the test case code (maybe this is a bug in the 2.x code?).

    Future development: find out if I've fixed a bug in 2.x, problem solved; else find out why it fails only in 3.0. It does not seem Python 3.0's changes are at fault.

  2. g8mjg

    Looks like you can't re-assign something to multiple users. This task was meant to be assigned to the entirety of subgroup 3 - Eugene, Sam, Emil, and myself.

  3. g8tam reporter

    Tested admin_inlines in Python 2.6, a new error occurs on line 25: "response = "self.client.get(self.change_url)". Confirmed: Python 3.1 does not break the admin_inline test case.

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