Research: unicode errors in regressiontests

Issue #15 resolved
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also assigned to: c7protal, g8tam, g8mjg

linked to issue #6; find how unicode errors are unresolved from setup; also find how to resolve TypeErrors in regression tests

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  1. g8tam

    Currently we are working on a way to make 2to3 compliant with Django's doctests... but I have an alternative:

    You know how in Martin's code you have a convert function that utilizes 2to3? After call 2to3 why not call a new python script that manually removes the unicode prefix from each string since Python3.1 only has unicode.

  2. Johan Harjono

    See Martin v. Lowis's comment in issue #4, doctest conversion should be done through using the 2to3 library

    Running 2to3 with the -d flag would actually format the docstring as well and theoretically should solve some of the unicode problem, but since we should integrate with the then the recommended approach is to use distutils

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