Bytes failure in admin_util

Issue #76 resolved
c7protal created an issue

====================================================================== FAIL: test_label_for_field (regressiontests.admin_util.tests.UtilTests)

Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Slimy\Documents\CSC302\django-3k\build\tests\regressiontests\admin_util\", line 170, in test_label_for_field "article" AssertionError: b'article' != 'article'

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  1. Martin von Löwis
    • changed status to open

    I think the patch(es) need to be corrected in two ways:

    1. The convert function, being used e.g. in django.contrib.admin.util, must not live in the test package - no regular code should ever refer to the test package. Instead, django.util.py3 might be an appropriate place
    2. it should get a name more descriptive than "convert". What does it convert from, what does it convert to?

    In addition, 6aa0da70e957 completely replaces the entire file (test_client_regress/ It would be good if the change only contained the relevant modifications, so that line-by-line attribution works correctly. On the other hand, this change is currently not merged, and a head of its own. So perhaps there is some way to prune it entirely?

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