resolve issue with filter() operations never returning any value in modeltests.basic

Issue #9 resolved
Johan Harjono
created an issue

File "/home/johan/workspace/fiji/build/tests/modeltests/basic/", line ?, in modeltests.basic.models.test.API_TESTS

Failed example: Article.objects.filter(pub_dateyear=2005, pub_datemonth=7)

Expected: [<Article: Area woman programs in Python>]

Got: []

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  1. Johan Harjono reporter

    After tracing with the debugger I noted that the correct Constraints are being added to the QuerySet, however when the time comes for the QuerySet to do a query within the selected constraints, it fails. This is similar to the database behaviour of get() #7 so I'll defer to that.

    Once issue 7 is fixed, if the problem with filter() still persists then I'll reopen this issue

    Duplicate of #7.

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