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Change "next" URL to the root on the login form

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 {% block title %}Log in{% endblock %}
-{% block content %}
-<h2>Log in</h2>
-<form method="post" action="?next=/snippets/">
+{% block content_header %}Log in{% endblock %}
+{% block main_content %}
+{% if form.errors %}
+<p class="error">Please correct the errors below:</p>
+{% endif %}
+<form method="post" action="?next=/">
-<dt><label for="id_username">Username:</label>{% if form.username.errors %} {{ form.username.errors|join:", " }}{% endif %}</dt>
+<dt><label for="id_username">Username:</label>{% if form.username.errors %} <span class="error">{{ form.username.errors|join:", " }}</span>{% endif %}</dt>
 <dd>{{ form.username }}</dd>
-<dt><label for="id_password">Password:</label>{% if form.password.errors %} {{ form.password.errors|join:", " }}{% endif %}</dt>
+<dt><label for="id_password">Password:</label>{% if form.password.errors %} <span class="error">{{ form.password.errors|join:", " }}</span>{% endif %}</dt>
 <dd>{{ form.password }}</dd>
 <dt><input type="submit" value="Log in" /></dt>
+{% endblock %}
+{% block sidebar %}
+<p>If you don't have an account, you can <a href="/accounts/register/">sign up</a> for one; it's free, and you'll get access to a bunch of nifty features.</p>
 {% endblock %}
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