Welcome to MeshMaker

How to build it

Just clone and build in XCode.

License and submodules

MeshMaker is under MIT license. You find it in file "LICENSE.TXT".

MeshMaker uses these third party libraries:


MeshMaker is very basic modeling tool focused on low poly modeling with triangles and quads. I am working on it in my spare time. It is my hobby project, I am writing it because I always wanted to know how is DCC tools made so I decided that I try to build something small myself.

Triangles and Quads

MeshMaker supports triangles and quads in same mesh. There is no support for arbitrary polygons.

<img src="" alt="Triangles and Quads" width="745px" height="569px"></img>

Edge loops

MeshMaker enables edge loop selection with Double Click and edge expand selection with Command Double Click. Combinations of triangle/quad extrusion and expanded edge splitting enables simple and fast modeling.

<img src="" alt="Edge loops" width="832px" height="653px"></img>

Camera manipulation

Similar to Maya, Unity.

  • Rotation - Alt + Left Mouse Button
  • Pan - Alt + Middle Mouse Button
  • Zoom - Alt + Right Mouse Button

Editor can be used also only with multitouch trackpad (MacBooks) and keyboard.

  • Rotation - Alt + Two Fingers
  • Pan - Control + Alt + Two Fingers
  • Zoom - Two Fingers Zoom


  • Normal selection - Left Mouse Button
  • Select through (selects back faces for example) - Control + Left Mouse Button
  • Adding to selection - Shift + Left Mouse Button
  • Inverting selection - Command + Left Mouse Button
  • Soft selection - global mode in Edit menu