# Welcome to MeshMaker ## How to build it Just clone and build in XCode. ## License and submodules MeshMaker is under [MIT license]( You find it in file "LICENSE.TXT". MeshMaker uses these third party libraries: * [RapidXml]( ## About MeshMaker is very basic modeling tool focused on low poly modeling with triangles and quads. I am working on it in my spare time. It is my hobby project, I am writing it because I always wanted to know how is DCC tools made so I decided that I try to build something small myself. ## Triangles and Quads MeshMaker supports triangles and quads in same mesh. There is no support for arbitrary polygons. <img src="" alt="Triangles and Quads" width="745px" height="569px"></img> ## Edge loops MeshMaker enables edge loop selection with Double Click and edge expand selection with Command Double Click. Combinations of triangle/quad extrusion and expanded edge splitting enables simple and fast modeling. <img src="" alt="Edge loops" width="832px" height="653px"></img> ## Camera manipulation Similar to Maya, Unity. * Rotation - Alt + Left Mouse Button * Pan - Alt + Middle Mouse Button * Zoom - Alt + Right Mouse Button Editor can be used also only with multitouch trackpad (MacBooks) and keyboard. * Rotation - Alt + Two Fingers * Pan - Control + Alt + Two Fingers * Zoom - Two Fingers Zoom ## Selection * Normal selection - Left Mouse Button * Select through (selects back faces for example) - Control + Left Mouse Button * Adding to selection - Shift + Left Mouse Button * Inverting selection - Command + Left Mouse Button * Soft selection - global mode in Edit menu