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Welcome to OpenGL Editor


This project is under MIT license. You find it in file "LICENSE.TXT".


OpenGL Editor is my hobby project. Goal is to create fast and powerful tool for basic low poly modeling on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Project is currently in very early stages and many critical pieces are missing. Any ideas, help or wishes is welcome!

Modeling chess tower video

Project is now divided into three repos.

  • opengl-editor-cocoa this git repo aims to be Mac only project for low poly modeling
  • 3d-editor-toolkit this svn repo aims to be Windows/Mac project for others to be able to create similar editor, it will not contain modeling or Bullet stuff
  • bullet-physics-editor this svn repo aims to be Windows/Mac project to enable editing and working with Bullet files


Just open OpenGLEditor.xcodeproj in Xcode and build all.

Implemented features

  • Vertex, Edge, Triangle manipulation (translate, rotate, scale)
  • Edge turning and splitting
  • Vertex and mesh merging
  • Merge vertex pairs (good for mirrored models)
  • Cube, cylinder, sphere primitives
  • Save and load
  • Solid and wireframe view
  • Four views
  • Full undo and redo support, currently unlimited
  • Basic extrusion (⌘C in triangle mode)

Future plans

  • Issues on GitHub
  • Wiki documentation

Camera manipulation

Similar to Maya, Unity.

  • Rotation - Option + Left Mouse Button
  • Pan - Option + Middle Mouse Button
  • Zoom - Option + Right Mouse Button

Editor can be used also only with multitouch trackpad (MacBooks) and keyboard.

  • Rotation - Option + Two Fingers
  • Pan - Control + Option + Two Fingers
  • Zoom - Two Fingers Zoom