mongo-dart / examples / simple.dart

  Db db = new Db("mongo-dart-test");
  MCollection coll;{
    print('connection open');
    coll = db.collection("simple_data");
    for (var n = 0; n<1000; n++){  
    return coll.findOne({"my_field": 17});
      print("Filtered by {'my_field': 17} $val");
      print("Filtered {'my_field': {'\$gt': 995}}:");
      return coll.find({'my_field': {'\$gt': 995}}).each((v)=>print(v));
      print("Filtered by {'str_field': {'\$regex': new BsonRegexp('^str_(5|7|8)17\$')}");
      return coll.find({'str_field': {'\$regex': new BsonRegexp('^str_(5|7|8)17\$')}}).each((v)=>print(v));        
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