mongo-dart / examples / russian.dart


  Db db = new Db("mongo-dart-test");
  DbCollection collection;
  print("Connecting to ${}:${db.serverConfig.port}");{  
    collection = db.collection('test-utf8');
      'Имя': 'Вадим', 
      'Профессия': 'Брадобрей',
      'Шаблон': new BsonRegexp('^.adim\$')
    return collection.findOne();
    print("Utf8 encoding demonstration. I18 strings may be used not only as values but also as keys");
    return collection.findOne(query().eq('Имя', 'Вадим'));
    print("Filtered by query().eq(): $v");
    return collection.findOne(query().match('Имя', '^..ДИМ\$',caseInsensitive:true));    
    print("Filtered by query().match(): $v");
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