frdd-overlay / media-fonts / pt-sans / Manifest

DIST 1574159 RMD160 834f97f4bd7e78c542ddb81bc5bf6462e0a35886 SHA1 3e14c921c2c9eb524ad5680eff931d1d5cbca00a SHA256 c70b683ab35d28cc65367f6b9ef5f04d6d83b1217f2e727648bbaeb12dc140e7
EBUILD pt-sans-2.003.ebuild 1400 RMD160 0aa29f66efd9bbdb3acbdc53a3756d945e7f2dfb SHA1 26a46837cc5d6cdc015286d4acd64dcb4c65e43e SHA256 ba923c442b4b4d9afbc106f5a047a9da187aae1b782c46a4ba7764a4f6571878
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