frdd-overlay / x11-misc / snapfly / Manifest

DIST snapfly-0.8.tar.bz2 79373 RMD160 436d55e9128673b7366bd03155b9b72ffb54257d SHA1 a705b1ce3364f587b33bdd772132dc7e748c1f53 SHA256 c41a30e60f93836acc0c3ba9fc77f729bae59e762308b7c99fca545c62e014d7
EBUILD snapfly-0.8.ebuild 816 RMD160 692b6a1fbb9da802971e63eb4d3ebdaeb36c8625 SHA1 c6cbc47994a20ebe6ef0fb8b5f8574d80cbf25fe SHA256 2788611c7905689b4ff5bcdd570b7d275a1c63900c84d38130c3ab4a0ce92760
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