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Fix '' printing proper error message when invoked with wrong argument

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 # Prints usage, and exits with the specified exit code (or 2 if no exit code is
 # explicitly provided).
 function print_usage_and_exit {
-  echo >&2 <<END
+  cat >&2 <<END
 Usage: $0 <target> [source]"
   target: Name for the dotfile in ~ without leading dot, e.g. 'vimrc'.
   source: Relative path to the dotfile in \$DOTFILES, e.g. 'vim/vimrc'.  Default is \`target\`".

File vim/.netrwhist

-let g:netrw_dirhistmax  =10
-let g:netrw_dirhist_cnt =2
-let g:netrw_dirhist_1='/home/firefly/Dropbox/prog/repos/dotfiles/vim/syntax/note-sub'
-let g:netrw_dirhist_2='/home/firefly/annat/hardware/np350u2b'