firs / templates / industry_fundwindow_text.pnfo

The default branch has multiple heads

// This file provides a callback result for the industry fund window text for use with cb 38 (requires r20086)
//pre-r20086 displays bogus availability date

-1 * 0 02 0A 22 //-1 * 0 02 0A <set-id>
	89 1A //<type> general dword <variable> always -1
	20 THIS_INTRO_DATE //<shift-num> varaction2advanced <and-mask> intro date
		\2- 1A //<operator> subtract <variable> always -1 <varadjust> (below)
	20 \d1920-01-01 //<shift-num> varaction2advanced <and-mask> days until 1920
		0E 1A //<operator> store result <variable> always -1 <varadjust> (below)
	20 \dx100 //<shift-num> varaction2advanced <and-mask> register
		0F 1A //<operator> start fresh <variable> always -1 <varadjust> (below)
	00 THIS_STR_INFO_CB38 80 00 00 //<shift-num> none <and-mask> string id
	00 //<nvar> no ranges
	00 80 //default
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