Robert Brewer avatar Robert Brewer committed c6e6018

Better backward compat for wsgiserver ssl.

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         # trap those exceptions in whatever code block calls start().
         self._interrupt = None
+        # SSL backward compatibility
+        if (self.ssl_adapter is None and
+            getattr(self, 'ssl_certificate', None) and
+            getattr(self, 'ssl_private_key', None)):
+            warnings.warn(
+                    "SSL attributes are deprecated in CherryPy 3.2, and will "
+                    "be removed in CherryPy 3.3. Use an ssl_adapter attribute "
+                    "instead.",
+                    DeprecationWarning
+                )
+            try:
+                from cherrypy.wsgiserver.ssl_pyopenssl import pyOpenSSLAdapter
+            except ImportError:
+                pass
+            else:
+                self.ssl_adapter = pyOpenSSLAdapter(
+                    self.ssl_certificate, self.ssl_private_key,
+                    getattr(self, 'ssl_certificate_chain', None))
         # Select the appropriate socket
         if isinstance(self.bind_addr, basestring):
             # AF_UNIX socket
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