CherryPy /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Sylvain Hellegouarch avatarSylvain Hellegouarch
changed it back to include cherrypy/tutorial/*.conf to make all configuration file in the tutorial directory are part of the final distribution
Sylvain Hellegouarch avatarSylvain Hellegouarch
Changed the include *.conf to include cherrypy/tutorial/tutorial.conf
Default avatar Remi Delon
Final tweaks for 2.0.0-final release
Default avatar Remi Delon
Ported Form.cpy module from CP1 to CP2
Default avatar Remi Delon
Don't copy tutorial/ and test/ into lib when installing CherryPy
Default avatar Remi Delon
Added *.conf to tarball
Default avatar Remi Delon
Fixed doc filenames again ...
Default avatar Remi Delon
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