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Felix Krull
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Unfortunately, I can't really devote time to maintaining rgain any more. Accordingly, I'd like to find a new maintainer to take care of it. There's currently a few things that need to be done:

  • Comprehensive tests. I've started on it, but it's spotty and needs to be extended.
  • Python 3 support. This shouldn't be too hard since all dependencies are available and rgain already uses Unicode internally. It does somewhat rely on getting reasonable test coverage first.
  • Bug fixes, obviously.

If you're interested, drop me a line via Bitbucket or on this bug.

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  1. alphapapa

    This might seem like a strange comment, but I want to say thanks for being honest and forthright with users about this. I'm disappointed that it's currently unmaintained, but at least I know what the situation is. It's too common in FOSS for maintainers to fade away and leave users hanging. Better to make the tough call and hope someone else can pick up the torch.

  2. eric casteleijn

    How much work would you say each release is? Is it the maintainer's responsibility to build packages for specific platforms/distributions, or do you push to pypi, and does the maintainer's job end there? (the reason I ask is that I may be interested, but I have no access to Windows or OSX machines, so it would be hard for me to create and test platform specific builds.)

  3. Felix Krull reporter

    I only did source releases to PyPI, and would probably add wheels to that now. There's no compiled bits in the project and barely any platform-specific Python code so only source releases are fine IMO. And while I do have access to Windows machines, I mostly tested on Linux because it's such a pain to get GStreamer with matching Python bindings set up on Windows (though that may have changed). For Windows-based continuous integration, there's Appveyor these days. That does require automated tests, mind.

  4. eric casteleijn

    Ok, if you're still willing to invest a little time, how about this: I'll look at the code this weekend, try to pick a small area to improve test coverage, just to see if I can understand the code, and if that is the case, and the resulting PR looks good to you, I'll step up?

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