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Issue #9 invalid

Hang when processing this file

Anonymous created an issue

Replaygain never seems to exit when processing the attached file. It already has replaygain data so I run it with the -f flag. I noticed this when running collectiongain and it got to x-1 out of x and then just stopped. Eventually found the file which it couldn't manage.

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  1. Bart Nagel

    Odd. I can't think why this file would be any different from the others in the album, which are all fine. I play music with MPD, and this one plays okay as far as I can remember (I'm not home just now, can't check). Thanks.

  2. Felix Krull repo owner

    It plays fine in VLC, so it's clearly not totally broken. From the error messages, it seems GStreamer doesn't even detect it as WavPack (with the built-in automatic codec detection, it tries to use the AAC decoder or something like that). Anyway, I added some error handling so your file should at least produce a proper crash now. That's gotta count for something, right?

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