1. Fabian Köhlinger
  2. kids450_qe_likelihood_public



This repository contains the likelihood module for the KiDS-450 shear power spectrum measurements (derived using a quadratic estimator) from Koehlinger et al. 2017 (MNRAS; arXiv:1706.02892). The module will be working 'out-of-the-box' within a MontePython (obtainable from 'https://github.com/baudren/montepython_public') and CLASS (version >= 2.6!; available at 'https://github.com/lesgourg/class_public') setup. The required data files can be downloaded from 'http://kids.strw.leidenuniv.nl/sciencedata.php' and the parameter files for reproducing the fiducial results of the paper are supplied in the subfolder 'input' within this repository.

Assuming that MontePython (with CLASS version >= 2.6) is set up (we recommend to use the MultiNest sampler!), please proceed as follows:

1) Clone this repository

git clone https://bitbucket.org/fkoehlin/kids450_qe_likelihood_public.git

2) Copy 'init.py' and 'kids450_qe_likelihood_public.data' from this repository into a folder named 'kids450_qe_likelihood_public' within '/your/path/to/montepython_public/montepython/likelihoods/'.

(you can rename the folder to whatever you like, but you must use this name then consistently for the whole likelihood which implies to rename the '.data'-file, including the prefixes of the parameters defined in there, the name of the likelihood in the 'init.py'-file and also in the '.param'-file.)

3) Set the path to the data folder ('data_for_likelihood' from the tarball available at the KiDS webpage listed above) in 'kids450_qe_likelihood_public.data' and modify parameters as you please (note that everything is set up to repeat the fiducial 3 z-bin analysis with 'fiducial_3zbins.params').

3) Start your runs using e.g. the 'fiducial_<n>zbins.params' (<n>=2, 3) supplied in the subfolder 'input' within this repository.

4) Contribute your developments/bugfixes to this likelihood (please use a dedicated branch per fix/feature).

5) If you publish your results based on using this likelihood (and data), please cite Koehlinger et al. 2017 (MNRAS; arXiv:1706.02892).

Refer to 'run_fiducial_with_multinest.sh' within the subfolder 'input' for all MultiNest-related settings that were used for the fiducial runs.

For questions/comments please use the issue-tracking system!