anatoly techtonik committed d1b9004

Fix tests broken after --noqmtest option was removed from

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         if len(args) > 1:
             print arg + ':'
-        command = [sys.executable, '', '--noqmtest']
+        command = [sys.executable, '']
         if opts.package:
             command.extend(['-p', opts.package])


 __revision__ = "__FILE__ __REVISION__ __DATE__ __DEVELOPER__"
-Test that the --noqmtest option invokes tests directly via Python, not
+Test that by default tests are invoked directly via Python, not
 using qmtest.
 ] = '-k --noqmtest %s' % ' '.join(testlist), = '-k %s' % ' '.join(testlist),
          status = 1,
          stdout = expect_stdout,
          stderr = expect_stderr)
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