Gary Oberbrunner committed fd74349

Update CHANGES.txt and RELEASE.txt for recent fixes.

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+  From Alexey Petruchik:
+    - Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 11 (both using it
+      and generating MSVS11 solution files).
   From Alexey Klimkin:
     - Fixed the Taskmaster, curing spurious build failures in
       multi-threaded runs (#2720).
+    - SCons now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 11.
     - SCons can now automatically embed manifests in Windows executables
       and DLLs, by setting WINDOWS_EMBED_MANIFEST in the environment.
+    - Fixed occasional crashes with -jN on Windows.
     - Windows resource compiler (RC) scanner now handles DOS line endings
     - Visual Studio project generation now works when CPPPATH contains Dir nodes
     - Visual Studio projects are regenerated when CPPPATH or CPPDEFINES change
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