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Andrew Godwin  committed ae7db65

Hideous special-case patch for FKs and sqlite's alter_column

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File south/db/sqlite3.py

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 import re
 from django.db import connection
+from django.db.models import ForeignKey
 from south.db import generic
 # from how .schema works as shown on http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite.html
         new_fields = []
         for field_name, field_def in self._fields[table_name]:
             if field_name == name:
-                new_fields.append((name, self.column_sql(table_name, name, field)))
+                if isinstance(field, ForeignKey):
+                    field_name = name[:-3] # exclude the _id when calling column_sql
+                else:
+                    field_name = name
+                new_fields.append((name, self.column_sql(table_name, field_name, field)))
                 new_fields.append((field_name, field_def))
         self._rebuild_table(table_name, new_fields)