============ Introduction ============ Django-scm-projecttemplate is a `BSD licensed`_ `Django`_ project template that allows for a quick setup, support for more or less simple settings setup for both the development machine and a deployment server. The project by default will enable things like: * sentry for logging * reversion for version history * django-admin-tools (for a better admin world) ---------- How to use ---------- It assumed you either have a virtual environment already set up and have django 1.4+ installed. * run `django-admin startproject __insert_your_project_name_here__ --template=` * run `$pip install -r requirement.txt $pip install -r dev_requirements.txt` .. NOTE:: This is the README of the `django-scm-projecttemplate`_, license and documentation found in this file only applies to the `django-scm-projecttemplate`_ files. .. _`django-scm-projecttemplate`: .. _`BSD licensed`: .. _`Django`: