# WebApps

Three simple steps to your final webapp:
 - ensure the url in this file is correct in the Sainsburys.desktop
 - replace the default Sainsburys.png with an 128x128 icon 
 - build the package in a commandline terminal with "click build ." or on the Publish tab of the IDE with the Create package button
 - publish the generated click package at

More details on

# Alternate template WebApps

Fist of all branch this tree locally.

    bzr branch lp:~ogra/junk/alternate-webapp-container

## Building

Edit the value of applicationName at the top of `qml/Main.qml` to match
your application name to work around <>

Edit `config.js` to add `webappName`, `webappUrl` and `webappUrlPattern` 
similar to how you would use them as commandline options to `webapp-container`.

Optionally you can set the `webappUA` variable in `config.js` to override
the User Agent string.

Edit `app.desktop` and `manifest.json` to your liking. Replace `icon.png`
with your own icon.

Now run:

    click build .

This will create a `.click package` or your webapp.

## Installing

Push the click to your device via adb, then:

    adb shell pkcon install-local --allow-untrusted /path/to/click

You will see a bunch of progress bars ... once they are done,
pull down the app scope to refresh it and find your new app in there.

# Scopes