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FlexORM is an Object Relational Mapping framework for Adobe AIR.

The built-in SQLite support in Flex for Mobile is, well, barebones. It works, and it works well - but it's quite hostile to RAD, and most apps are hardly going to have complex databases. This is where an ORM comes in, they do all of the boring database stuff, so you can throw objects around in a sort of 'fire and forget' manner.

Adobe don't offer an off-the-shelf solution. This is where FlexORM comes into the game. FlexORM enables JavaScript/ActionScript3 objects to become persistent objects using the embedded SQLite database; that is, you do not need to write database code or SQL. The FlexORM framework can be used by either Flex or JavaScript code in AIR applications.

A key feature of FlexORM is its transparency. You do not need to modify your domain objects or inherit from a base class.

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  • 2013-10-08: FlexORM 0.9.1 Service Release from Robert with some fixes for the new Views feature. Added NOT LIKE conditions.
  • 2013-09-16: FlexORM 0.9.0 Major Release with support for One-to-One Relationships, Views, SQL function calls and many more fixes and improvements. Many thanks to Robert Lieske for his outstanding contribution to the FlexORM project! For more information please see the Release Notes.
  • 2013-09-13: FlexORM now has it's own domain:
  • 2013-04-17: FlexORM got a new home on Bitbucket. Transfered the repository to the FlexORM team account. New members are welcome. Please contribute to the FlexORM project.
  • 2012-12-21: Created an own Google User Group for the FlexORM Framework. Please join for discussions on the future of the project: Mailing List

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Mailing Lists

For any questions or comments on FlexORM, please post to FlexORM's mailing list.


For details on contributing to FlexORM please use the mailing list for now.


This is a fork of the FlexORM project by Mark Moloney hosted on RIAForge. I made the fork because it seems that the project is dead.

Originally project contributors:

  • Mark Moloney
  • Will Rogers


FlexORM is licensed under BSD.