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FlexORM / ReleaseNotes



  • Support for NOT LIKE conditions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed smaller issues with Views



  • Support for OneToOne relation (implementation similar to ManyToOne; NOTE: requires OneToOne metatag added to keep-as-metadata compiler switch)
  • Support for Views (isView metatag attribute; can also be configured individually by createTable, indexed and constrain metatag attributes)
  • Support for SQL function calls (ifnull(), ...)
  • EqualCondition & NotEqualCondition in FlexORM (beware of SQL injection!)
  • Allow metatag attribute inheritsFromSuperclass as substitute for inheritsFrom="${superclass}" in entities
  • Specify column names for association table in ManyToMany relations (joinColumns, inverseJoinColumns metatag attribute)
  • Store Array data of Entity (like enums)
  • Allow association table in Many to Many relation to be a db-view

Bug Fixes

  • FlexORM should not care about uppercase/lowercase of table and column names anymore
  • return NULL does not help as return value for getIdentityMapFromRow() or getIdentityMapFromAssociation(), as it results in broken SQL
  • Fixed issue #14
  • Fixed issue #21
  • Fixed issue #22
  • Fixed issue #23
  • Fixed issue #26
  • Fixed issue #27



  • Added support for BLOB database type in Sqlite 3.
  • Added a query method to EntityManager to execute arbitrary SQL statements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue #2
  • Fixed issue #3
  • Fixed issue #9
  • Fixed issue #10


First Release after moving FlexORM to Bitbucket. Build with Flash Builder 4.6 (Flex 4.6.0 build 23201).


Original RIAForge Release (Revision 51)