Sometimes Error 'File Not Found' has occured

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In my working place, error was occured.\ I thought that case was: delete physical files and add other files. commit only added files.

but in my home, no happen. Commit process was succeeded.\ I will countinue to survey.

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  1. Takahiro KITAHARA reporter

    First, this error isn't belongs to TimeStampMod.

    To reproduce this error, enter following:

    cd c:\temp\path\for\test
    hg init some_reponame_you_like
    echo "somefile" >> abc.txt
    hg add abc.txt
    ren abc.txt efg.txt
    hg commit -m "commit for not found error" abc.txt

    System display like below:

    abort: abc.txt: file not found!

    That's error occurs, if we use TimeStampMod or not.
    I did should enter following or do same means operation on tortoiseHG:

    hg revert abc.txt
    hg add efg.txt
    hg commit -m "message" efg.txt

    So, this issue will close.

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