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More loosely coupled model translations

Florian Ledermann
repo owner created an issue

Currently we use TransMeta [1], falling back to NOP-dummy-implementations if it is not installed.

While this is a feasible approach from an application and admin point of view, TransMeta screws up migrations since it puts each language in a database column, changing the schema with each language change.

We need a way to allow for translating model fields without interfering with the DB schema or migrations.

[1] http://code.google.com/p/django-transmeta/

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  1. Florian Ledermann reporter

    Futuring this for now - default migrations are provided for non-translated deployments, deployments using transmeta must manage their own migrations using South's SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULES setting.

    For now, OpenResources will support Transmeta as an optional requirement for translations. While this is not an optimal solution, none of the alternatives seems stable enough to make the effort of a transition, an a homegrown solution is too much effort for too little gain right now.

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