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Test Project for OpenResources

To run an OpenResources test server, type: syncdb

(only the first time, creates database and superuser), then: runserver

to run a pre-configured server. Point your browser to http://localhost:8000/ - et voilà!

You can also create a Python virtual environment containing your dependencies (e.g. South, TransMeta) here.

Creating Migrations

If you have South installed, you can run: schemamigration openresources --auto

to create a schemamigration if you changed the models. After that you can run: migrate

to apply that migration to the database.

Creating Translations

To create or update a translation, go to ../openresources and run: makemessages -l <language_code>

Edit the created/updated translation file, and run: compilemessages

Make sure to check in / commit bot the .po and the .mo (binary) file in locale/<language_code>/LC_MESSAGES/, since not everyone will have gettext installed!

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