Mike Gilbert avatar Mike Gilbert committed 087785e

Add flexget beta snapshot

(Portage version: 2.2.0_alpha10/hg/Linux x86_64, unsigned Manifest commit)

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+DIST FlexGet-1.0r1845.tar.gz 549346 RMD160 4403c5d6080c568e24d67248e8a4c96453c64aae SHA1 e8554fa032d3ff765a0757e3760c1fabe21eef63 SHA256 86255761e1e94eb38ee0970e3ac68d471d25f30426d854dcb0485e364ba13550
+EBUILD flexget-1.0_beta1845.ebuild 999 RMD160 fe032d975f593cf6599cb9f34066e3fc1fe64794 SHA1 2e81ef45940e2b55f24fb359f81d56cfbe730236 SHA256 3fc012057e9f888e9814dd40b4f64936c928580f9366c8c09155c34a6ea6e468
 EBUILD flexget-9999.ebuild 839 RMD160 890811258dd9edc8398fb86570ef5f3452355236 SHA1 ab49376de6f25df43f736fb89cb7d6f0243bf4d8 SHA256 fe72c48f76ac92803d168312b07539bc6d300b27c3b393cb4f8f348f9369b69f
 MISC ChangeLog 265 RMD160 73c0119088d8c54cc2795c50893b3a75bb5649a7 SHA1 2edcf6f10d5e445b3a8b2036ba8e086438bfb397 SHA256 122a63b5348e47e9b4e9ef0aac4f11764fbc36a9e40239c6e38218f975b139d5
 MISC metadata.xml 258 RMD160 467019215ae2eb96a0d37268257de2b9313fffb3 SHA1 08c15daf5c5332df50f832233d372ba38858c153 SHA256 6af62865b7a6bddc2c096f9e7c3519f086d6dc26d611a550c05fc033c867abf5


+# Copyright 1999-2010 Gentoo Foundation
+# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
+# $Header: $
+inherit distutils
+DESCRIPTION="A multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, etc."
+	dev-python/feedparser
+	>dev-python/sqlalchemy-0.5
+	dev-python/pyyaml
+	dev-python/beautifulsoup
+	>=dev-python/html5lib-0.11
+	dev-python/pygooglechart
+	dev-python/pyrss2gen
+	dev-python/pynzb
+	dev-python/progressbar
+	dev-python/flask
+	dev-python/cherrypy"
+	dev-python/paver
+	test? ( >=dev-python/nose-0.11 )"
+src_prepare() {
+	rm -f paver-minilib.zip
+	sed -e /setup_requires/d -i pavement.py || die
+	distutils_src_prepare
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