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Full commit
This subversion distribution contains the Inferno distribution trees starting with 20060303 EXCLUDING
derived executable files in the per-platform bin directories (except for those needed
on a given platform to build anything, such as mk or yacc).  It also EXCLUDES any non-Free
components, mainly the Bigelow & Holmes fonts, which can be obtained from the primary
Inferno distribution.  Since the fonts hardly ever change, you need only do that once.
The /dis files are also derived, of course, but they are included;
the extra space is modest these days, and it helps support some regression testing.

The overall licence is GPLv2, to accord with Google understandable limitation to one licence,
since GPLv2 arguably imposes most constraints on redistribution (of the set we use in the full distribution),
but where less restrictive licence is available, and could be used, that is noted in a NOTICE file.