See ChangeLog for stuff that has changed.

miau will continue hibernating while written-from-scatch version is worked
with. Don't expect it to be released (any time soon). If you want to see it
ready, concider finding me more spare time from work. :-)

- epic _may_ act funny when using getnick-feature.
- Automodes do not track nick-changes. if target changes nick, invalid
  mode-change will be done and error will be passed to the client.
- Don't reboot your Mac running X-Chat Aqua (2.0.5) unless you want to part
  _some_ of the channels you are on.
- cmdpasswd (do NOT use) and related things are space-sensitive

About multi-client support

- When having a dialog with someone, most clients see two persons talking
  instead of two having a dialog. This really isn't a bug nor feature of miau
  but a "feature" of IRC-clients.

- DCC-requests also work, but there are a few things to consider:
    - When accepting a DCC-request, fastest client most likely gets it all.
      This may differ from (sending) client to client, because DCC-requests are
      sent to each client connected to miau and usually the other end (the one
      offering DCC) only accepts one connection.
    - When offering a DCC-something, offer is, unfortunately, echoed to each
      client and again, fastest gets it all - this means another client, with
      auto-accept on, connected to bouncer could get the file instead of the
      original target.