Tired of everything integrating nicely with acme?  Tired of plumbing,
snarfing, and pasting?  Do you want to live on the cutting edge of
1995's user interfaces?

Introducing Unix Weenie News, "the newsreader with all of the memory
leaks and none of the features"™

mk local # to install to your $home/bin/386 directory
mk install # installs to /386/bin (for sadists only)

You must start nntpfs before running UWN, which expects /mnt/news to

'uwnread' is the news reading client; with no arguments, it opens
comp.os.plan9.  It takes a single, standard form newsgroup as its
argument.  It's not threaded yet. Initially, to save time, the
reader only fetches the 10 most recent message headers. Clicking
"More Headers" will fetch more. "Re-read Group" will check the
group for any new messages that have arrived.

'uwnwrite' is for writing posts.  At this time, it doesn't know about
replying to messages, so everything you post will be its own beautiful
and unique snowfl^H^H^H^H^H^Hthread.  You can post to multiple groups
by entering them, separated by commands, in the "Newsgroups:" field.
The "From:" field needs a standard form "Name <user@domain.tld>".

This software is distributed under the MIT public license.

John Floren, 2009