Simulation framwork

This software is a set of scripts to automate simulation.

The setting simulations are in 'sims' directory. Each sims sub-directory corresponding of simulation name. For process simulation, go to in 'bin' directory and run : 

For create a new simulation from 'project' :
   ./sims-new-sim simulation_name project

For start a simulation ;
   ./sims-start-sim simulation_name
   Each simulation result (standard output of CMD command in config file) corresponding a one line in 'params' file are write in resultNN file. Lines in resultNN file are the result for the same parameter simulation .
For generate the result after the simulation :
   ./sims-make-stat simulation_name
   'result.stats' is generate. Line NN is the result stat for resultNN file process with CMD_SIM command define in config file.
For more information, each directory contain a README file.