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 {\it Ryde City Concert Band \par}%
-{June 2011 \par}%
+{November 2011 \par}%
-\piece{Advance Australia Fair \&\\ Scipio}
+\piece{Advance Australia Fair \& Scipio}
 \piece{I am Australian (sing)}
 \piece{1812 Overture}
 \piece{Alexander’s Ragtime Band}
 \piece{American Patrol}
 \piece{Amparito Roca}
-\piece{Andrew Lloyd Webber}
+\piece{Andrew Lloyd Webber: A Symphonic Portrait}
 \piece{Ashland Park}
 \piece{Australia’s National Songs — Waltzing Matilda}
 \piece{Baby Elephant Walks the Big Apple}
 \piece{A Child’s Lullaby}
 \piece{The Music of Cole Porter}
 \piece{Colonel Bogey on Parade}
-\piece{The Dambusters March}
+\piece{The Dam Busters}
 \piece{Days of Dixie}
 \piece{Disco Forever}
 \piece{Down Under}
 \piece{The Good Ol’ West}
 \piece{Gypsy Dance}
-\piece{Happy Birthday \&\\Jolly Good Fellow}
+\piece{Happy Birthday \& Jolly Good Fellow}
 \piece{Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban}
 \piece{Hoagy Carmichael: An American Classic}
 \piece{In the Mood}
 \piece{Instant Concert}
-\piece{Irish Tune from County Derry\\\& Shepherd’s Hey}
+\piece{Irish Tune from County Derry \& Shepherd’s Hey}
 \piece{The Liberty Bell}
 \piece{Low Brass Boogie}
 \piece{Mack the Knife}
 \piece{Sussex by the Sea}
 \piece{Themes Like Old Times II}
 \piece{The Three Tenors}
 \piece{The Thunderer}
 \piece{Tijuana Tribute}
 \piece{The Washington Post}