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Added attributions handler, plus unpushed fixes

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Comments (2)

  1. Peter Ward repo owner

    Can you do something more elegant for licence_str?

    I would prefer to have that as a dictionary like:

    licences = {
      'pd': {'name': 'Public Domain'},
      'cc-by/2.0': {'name': 'Creative Commons Attribution 2.0', 'url': 'http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/'},

    and ideally, the Creative Commons licences could be autogenerated by looping over the various permutations.

    The bigger question here though, is whether licences are "data", and should hence be specified outside of ShinyPress’ code, and if they should be, where they should be stored. (I don’t have an answer for this, it’s just unfortunate that you would need to edit ShinyPress to add more licences)

  2. James Tocknell author

    The point of licence_str was to map the output from the http://openattribute.com plugin to something we'd show on screen. But I acknowledge it is an ugly hack. If the output string was more machine readable, then maybe something nicer could be done.

    On the issue of whether licences are data, that comes down to whether we any transformation to them, i.e. do we to just dump them on screen, or do we format them (\url{} etc.). This depends on what's given to ShinyPress.