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Delny is a Python package which can be used to make a Delaunay triangulation from a set of n-dimensional points. It is effectively a Python interface to libqhull, the C library of the Qhull program, but (currently) restricted to Delaunay triangulation.

It was first developed to use in a mesh generator developed as dissertation at the University of Southampton with Hans Fangohr as supervisor. This very specific application area was the reason for the limited functionality of the libqhull wrapper, which in turn is likely the reason that there is useable code available.


The package is still very much in development and no stability in features or API is guaranteed whatsoever currently. For the latest plans see the TODO file in the repository.

Despite very slow development currently, the package is still maintained. It is hoped that the package reaches at least a stable state for Delaunay triangulation.

There has also been intrest to extend the Qhull wrapper to the convex hull functionality. No commitment to this has been made however, but contributions are welcome.


The package can be found on PyPI. Naturally it is recommended to use the last version, but older versions are also available for software that is not updated to the latest API yet.


The latest developement version is available from the mercurial repository on bitbucket.

Suggestions, improvements and patches are welcome!