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Skip SSL tests if SSL is not available

This is particularly useful to not require the external OpenSSL module
in order to run the tests on python2.5.

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     return skip_unless(has_itimer)(func)
+def skip_if_no_ssl(func):
+    """ Decorator that skips a test if SSL is not available."""
+    try:
+        import eventlet.green.ssl
+    except ImportError:
+        try:
+            import eventlet.green.OpenSSL
+        except ImportError:
+            skipped(func)
 class TestIsTakingTooLong(Exception):
     """ Custom exception class to be raised when a test's runtime exceeds a limit. """


 warnings.simplefilter('default', DeprecationWarning)
 from eventlet import greenio, util, hubs, greenthread, spawn
+from tests import skip_if_no_ssl
 def check_hub():
     # Clear through the descriptor queue
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_connect_ssl(self):
         def accept_once(listenfd):


 import eventlet
 from eventlet import event
 from eventlet.green import socket
-from tests import LimitedTestCase, s2b
+from tests import LimitedTestCase, s2b, skip_if_no_ssl
 certificate_file = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'test_server.crt')
 private_key_file = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'test_server.key')
             timeout_value="timed out")
         self.assertEquals(x, "timed out")
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_wrap_ssl(self):
         server = eventlet.wrap_ssl(eventlet.listen(('localhost', 0)),


-from tests import skipped, LimitedTestCase, skip_unless, certificate_file, private_key_file
+from tests import LimitedTestCase, certificate_file, private_key_file
+from tests import skip_if_no_ssl
 from unittest import main
 import eventlet
 from eventlet import util, coros, greenio
 class SSLTest(LimitedTestCase):
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_duplex_response(self):
         def serve(listener):
             sock, addr = listener.accept()
         self.assertEquals(client.read(8192), 'response')
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_ssl_close(self):
         def serve(listener):
             sock, addr = listener.accept()
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_ssl_connect(self):
         def serve(listener):
             sock, addr = listener.accept()
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_ssl_unwrap(self):
         def serve():
             sock, addr = listener.accept()
 class SocketSSLTest(LimitedTestCase):
-    @skip_unless(hasattr(socket, 'ssl'))
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_greensslobject(self):
         import warnings
         # disabling socket.ssl warnings because we're testing it here


 from eventlet import greenio
 from tests import mock, LimitedTestCase, certificate_file, private_key_file
+from tests import skip_if_no_ssl
 from tests.wsgi_test import _TestBase
     def set_site(self):
         self.site = wsapp
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_ssl_sending_messages(self):
         s = eventlet.wrap_ssl(eventlet.listen(('localhost', 0)),


 import os
 import socket
 import sys
-from tests import skipped, LimitedTestCase, skip_with_pyevent
+from tests import skipped, LimitedTestCase, skip_with_pyevent, skip_if_no_ssl
 from unittest import main
 from eventlet import greenio
         # Require a CRLF to close the message body
         self.assertEqual(response, '\r\n')
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_012_ssl_server(self):
         def wsgi_app(environ, start_response):
             start_response('200 OK', {})
         result = sock.read(8192)
         self.assertEquals(result[-3:], 'abc')
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_013_empty_return(self):
         def wsgi_app(environ, start_response):
             start_response("200 OK", [])
         self.assertEquals(1, len([l for l in header_lines
                 if l.lower().startswith('content-length')]))
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_017_ssl_zeroreturnerror(self):
         def server(sock, site, log):
+    @skip_if_no_ssl
     def test_028_ssl_handshake_errors(self):
         errored = [False]
         def server(sock):
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