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Add --fast-below and --fast parameters for omiting slow tests marked with timeout

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  1. Floris Bruynooghe repo owner

    Hi, could you describe your use case for this please? Specifically I think you may be using pytest-timeout for performance limits rather then deadlocking tests. pytest-timeout is mostly concerned with reliably halting the process and therefore I find it not very suitable for performance tests. However I am thinking of extending either pytest-timeout in this area or maybe create an independent plugin, e.g. pytest-speed, to address the performance timing items and your ideas are probably very valuable for this. Could you look at http://codespeak.net/pipermail/py-dev/2012q3/002087.html and the followup mail from Holger and maybe provide feedback on that too?

    PS: In any case you should always add tests, but that's not a big issue.

  2. Floris Bruynooghe repo owner

    Ok, my main problem is that an timeout marked test does not imply the test is slow, only that it can deadlock (to me at least). In general I think the use of the timeout marker for pytest-timeout is/should be an exception, normally the timeout will be configured globally.

    Thanks for the feedback on the other ideas. As for the cache, this would be using the pytest-cache plugin which does not use pycache. But the jenkins use-case is a fair point, I should make sure that could work (I think it does as long as the workspace does not get cleared out).

  3. Floris Bruynooghe repo owner

    Unfortunately I have indeed been wondering if pytest-timeout was a good name to choose. I still need to find time to make up my mind on how to integrate (or separate out into a separate plugin) slow and performance tests. In the mean time I'm tempted to say that --fast is simply the equivalent for "-m not timeout" and am not very keen to include it currently, sorry.

    I do very much appreciate your input and am grateful for it, hopefully I will manage to sort my act out and manage to address your use case. I must stop telling people things our out of scope at some point after all.