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FluidSim is the numerically oriented package of the FluidDyn project. The project is still in a testing stage so it is still pretty unstable and many of its planned features have not yet been implemented.

It has first been developed by Pierre Augier (CNRS researcher at LEGI, Grenoble) at KTH (Stockholm) as a numerical code to solve fluid equations in a periodic two-dimensional space with pseudo-spectral methods.

Key words and ambitions: fluid dynamics research with Python (2.7 or >= 3.3); modular, object-oriented, collaborative, tested and documented, free and open-source software.


FluidDyn is distributed under the CeCILL License, a GPL compatible french license.


You can get the source code from Bitbucket or from the Python Package Index.

The development mode is often useful. From the root directory:

python develop


From the root directory:

make tests
make tests_mpi

Or, from the root directory or from any of the "test" directories:

python -m unittest discover