BWToolkit copy / BWGradientBoxIntegration.m

//  BWGradientBoxIntegration.m
//  BWToolkit
//  Created by Brandon Walkin (
//  All code is provided under the New BSD license.

#import <InterfaceBuilderKit/InterfaceBuilderKit.h>
#import "BWGradientBox.h"
#import "BWGradientBoxInspector.h"

@implementation BWGradientBox (BWGradientBoxIntegration)

- (void)ibPopulateKeyPaths:(NSMutableDictionary *)keyPaths 
    [super ibPopulateKeyPaths:keyPaths];
    [[keyPaths objectForKey:IBAttributeKeyPaths] addObjectsFromArray:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"topBorderColor", @"bottomBorderColor", @"fillStartingColor", @"fillEndingColor",
																	  @"fillColor", @"topInsetAlpha", @"bottomInsetAlpha", @"hasTopBorder", @"hasBottomBorder", @"hasGradient", nil]];

- (void)ibPopulateAttributeInspectorClasses:(NSMutableArray *)classes 
    [super ibPopulateAttributeInspectorClasses:classes];

    [classes addObject:[BWGradientBoxInspector class]];

- (NSView *)ibDesignableContentView
	return self;

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