custumizable alignement and order of task buttons

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When this widget is in a panel which is on the left or right side of the screen, the task icons start at the bottom, rather than the top. Using the kde-4.8 branch on KDE 4.8.4, Kubuntu 12.04.

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  1. Unknown user 739c7 repo owner

    “This was a design decision of mine. Since the task buttons can be expanded and there may be multiple lines (or maybe better call it columns in vertical mode?), I orientated things as you would expect from a book shelf: The Text is written bottom-up and if you read many book titles (i.e. lines of task buttons) you do this from left to right, as usual. (Unfortunately, not all books stick to this rule.) But maybe things should be different for right-to-left fonts.”

    (see “Re: Upside down...” by Flupp on: Apr 10 2011)

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    One thing that sets Smooth Tasks apart from most of the other task manager plasmoids is how customizable it is. Would there be any chance of adding an option to make it so the tasks start at the top of the widget? :D

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