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Please add an option to have text visible for all active maximized windows even if there are a view running of the same application, while icon only (without text) for active but minimized applications.

Perhaps it would look nice and be a kind of "keep order" if all minimized, which means here all "icon only" applications could be moved and aligned to the left or right edge of the smooth-task-fork. I imagine this would be similar like putting minimized icon to tray, while keeping all running apps that I use at the moment maximized and seeing text with windows names on task list. Actually this is the way I currently work with normal panel. But on normal panel I can't have icon only for minimized, and they takes panel space and grub my attention unnecessarily. I use Alltray to kind of minimize them to icon.

With this option - I mean icon only for minimized - I would kind of correspond to each other: text for maximized - big entry on task list, and icon for minimized - small entry on task list. Well, that's my preference. :)

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  1. gnomek reporter
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    Thank you for a commit. But can you tell me please how to use it? Shell I just use hg clone and compile again? I am not sure if the commit is included in the main code.

  2. Toni Dietze repo owner

    I do not know what you mean by "main code". Cloning the repository again should to the trick. If you still have an older clone, you can also use "hg pull" to update your clone (if I remember the command correctly). In all cases, of course, you have to recompile and reinstall.

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