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Issue #7 resolved

Launchers disapeares

Anonymous created an issue

When I right click on an active icon and select advanced / show a launcher [...] the launcher doesn't appear when I close the application

When I drag and drop an icon there, the launcher appears but when I close the application the launcher disapear

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure this is a bug in the launcher/task manager component of KDE/Plasma which Smooth Tasks uses, as I noticed the same issue with the default task bar (using KDE SC 4.7). I'm pretty sure there's already a bug report for it on KDE's bug tracker (http://bugs.kde.org), but I could be wrong... [rant]It's pretty sad, given pretty much every other modern task bar in existance (GNOME 3, every GTK-based dock, OS X, even Windows') now has this working properly, yet it's so broken in KDE that it shouldn't even be shown as an option.[/rant]

  2. Anonymous

    The launcher problem/bug was fixed in kde 4.7.1. But in smooth tasks still doesn't work. Please try to fix this in Smooth tasks.

  3. Anonymous

    The thing is, the launcher stays when you close one app but when you log out and back, all the launchers created have dissapeared.

  4. nik_hil

    A lot of the code in the taskmanager library was changed in KDE 4.7.1 to more intuitively support launcher addition/removal and subsequent config saving. After some plumbing, I believe I fixed the issue, which basically involved replicating logic from the plasma tasks applet from 4.7.1 into SmoothTasks. On my system (Arch Linux, KDE 4.7.1), launchers now show even after a logout-login, and everything works like a dream.

    I've attached the relevant patch. If someone else can test it out, this issue can be marked as resolved.

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