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Starting from kde 4.7.1, when using smooth tasks, as soon as i configure a plasmoid and close the configurazion window, plasma-desktop starts eating cycles; and they are proportional to the fps i set in smooth tasks! removing smooth tasks or just set fps to (1) and effect turation to 1ms workarounds the issue,

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  1. Toni Dietze repo owner

    Sorry, I cannot reproduce this issue. (Also using KDE 4.7.1.)

    When you trigger this issue:

    • Is there any repainting visible, e.g. a blinking task demanding attention?
    • Is there any log-output while cycle-eating? Start plasma-desktop on the command line to check: kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 1s && plasma-desktop &
  2. Anonymous

    There seems to be no repainting area when the issue appears, nor plasma-desktop outputs something useful. I'll try to strace plasma desktop and post the output here as soon as possible.

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