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The SR LCD (ShiftRegister LCD) is an expansion board that when used as a LCD backpack it allows you to reduce the number of pins to control them. The SR LCD has been developed with the character LCDs in mind reducing the pin count and when used with the New LiquidCrystal Library is give an almost x5 speed improvement with respect to the stock Arduino or ChipKit IDE library.. SR LCD Rev A

By freeing up to 9 pins when connecting a LCD it is possible to use them on almost any pin constraint application.

For Arduino or ChipKit users we have created a library that is backward compatible with your current application. Please refer to the usage Section - SW Libraries.

Backpack Assembly and User Guide

LCD Assembly Please visit our user guide: SR LCD board specs Library guide: LCD Library

Board Layout

LCD Board Layout visit the board specs: SR LCD board specs

SW Libraries

If you are using Arduino or ChipKit, we have created an open source library that is backward compatible with the standard LiquidCrystal library supplied as standard with the IDE.

Furthermore, it is a complete LCD control library that can replace the current LiquidCrystal library and be a one stop library for all your projects. In shift register mode, the library is almost 5 times more performant than the stock libraries and uses almost 600 bytes less. All this CPU and memory is now available for your applications. With this library in place, your current projects should just work as the already do.

If you are migrating your sketch from a 4 bit parallel interface to a Shift Register interface you will only need to change an include file and the name of the object (variable) to what your display uses. The rest will remain the same.

The LCD library supports the following LCD control interfaces all in one package:

  • 4 bit parallel LCD control
  • 8 bit parallel control
  • I2C control (using the I2CLCDextraIO)
  • Shift Register control.

The library is freely available, in the project wiki you will find all the details you need to successfully instal it and use it.

Sources and documentation are available here - LCD Library.

Schematic and Design Files

Please go to the download section.

Buy one now

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Boards are sold as bare PCB or fully assembled.

Library Downloads

New LiquidCrystal Library


Lets keep this part short. SR LCD by F. Malpartida is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.